Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Jessie (from Toy Story) Birthday Party ... designed for my little cowgirl (Part 1)

{I believe in making parties from scrach...}

I'd like to say that the birthday went off without a hitch, however, I'd be lying. The week of the party my computer decided that it felt left out during the cold and flu season and contracted some sort of strange virus (one which I might add, required some technical antibiotics and is now recovering well and back to normal).   In any case, a majority of my printables which I had been working on for a few months were unable to be accessed and therefore could not be part of the actual party. 

In addition to the computer debacle a bird snuck into my home the night before and spent about an hour in my dining room (where the party setup was taking place).  After the struggle to get the little guy out of the house, I had to then lysol down the entire room AND (heres the worst part) throw away half a dozen chocolate covered oreos which had already been seated in their rightful place on the dessert table. 

After all the drama, the party day and guests arrived (even a collection of 4 legged guests!)

{...because when you do (make something from scratch) it "tastes" that much better, EVEN if its terrible!}

Just a little history...When little B was 18 months old, she was introduced to the Toy Story movies and was HOOKED from that moment on.  Her first obsession was with Big Baby (yes that scary baby from the 3rd movie) but it soon changed to Jessie.  I gave her a few birthday options, all things that she loved (Barney, Babies or Jessie) and without hesitation, "MY JESSIE party" was her favorite conversation topic.  So the planning and designing began.

I wanted to create a theme that featured Jessie but wasnt a traditional character party.   I envisioned a room filled with burlap, bandanas, cowgirl hats, sunflowers an other fun goodies… a country atmosphere for my little cowgirl…

The party took place both inside and outside of my home.  I had planned on it being a completely outdoor event with hay stack tables and all but the weather in Maryland has been less then stellar and I had to revamp my ideas.  

I am a big HomeGoods shopper and found myself there atleast once a week leading up to the party.  It was there where I found the woven red baskets, glass drink dispenser and cake stands.  Pottery Barn was my source for all things galvanized and the paper goods were all designed by yours truly.  I have to admit however that I am in no way a graphic artists so I while I "verbally designed" the Jessie image, she was created by the creative hand of Kristen Fogarty

Blake wore this Jessie inspired outfit.  The shirt was handmade by Vandynest on Etsy and the headband by cocorosecouture on Etsy

Cowprint napkins, red and yellow plates, eco friendly wooden utensils, burlap ribbon and "picnic" checkered linens added to my printable designs. 

The children took home cowboy/girl hats, sheriff badges and red bandanas.  I used these items to decorate their table as well. 
Stay tuned and keep reading as I will be posting the rest of the details (including the dessert table which featured miniture hay stacks, my printables and the invitation which was designed by my friend Katie of Saving Dates) soon!

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  1. Loved these birthday party details. Loved her dress a lot. All these details are also amazing. For my sweet 16th birthday my mom also hosted a fabulous Fall inspired party at my favorite event venue. She planned and executed this party all alone and has earned way more love and respect from entire family!