Monday, May 9, 2011

Cameron's Mickey Mouse Party

In April, my friend Megan asked me to help do the cupcake printables for her son's 2nd birthday.  The theme... Mickey Mouse!  She told me she was making a banner but I had no idea she was cutting out EACH letter, EACH square, EACH Mickey Mouse ear... BY HAND!  When I first saw it, I was convinced she had a cricket machine... that's what I call party dedication!  In addition to the banner, she also made the poms, all the desserts and the Disney character cut outs (actually those were made by her mother but cheers to her for delegating some of the work!)

All in all, this was a perfect Mickey Mouse themed party for a 2 year old... just ask my children... they stole about 5 chocolate covered pretzels before the desserts even started!

Great job Meg!  Cameron was too cute singing Happy Birthday and eating the cupake with no hands!  He's my kind of guy! 



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